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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

A Greener future for our customers

At Onsite Refrigeration, we are not only committed to using the newest and most effective technology, we’re also committed to minimising our impact on the environment. We know that F Gases can stay in the atmosphere long after they’re omitted from refrigeration units, which is why we’re acting on them now, rather than waiting until 2020.


How are we making these changes? Simply by switching to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant blend. The R452A has a much lower GWP than many other blends still used at current and is a good substitute for both the R404A and R507. This blend can be integrated into older units without heavy modification, making it both eco-friendly and cheaper for consumers. With an A1 safety rating, it’s a sensible choice that’s transforming units for the better.


This blend has been proven to offer a good middle ground, with a lower GWP and lower flammability – a factor that continues to be a concern for many customers using portable refrigeration units.






Benefits of R-452A

Up to forty-five percent reduction in your company’s global warming potential contribution.

No loss of performance or reliability on your vehicles.

Refrigerant functions the same as R-404A.

Low flammability.

Low operating cost.

No extra cost of ownership or retrofitting.

Company reputation – Be one of the first ones on the market to use the new environmentally friendly refrigerant.

green_2020 refrigerated trailer co2 reduction