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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

Controlling the temperature of food across the whole supply chain is vital to extend shelf life. But how much can be gained by food manufacturers through careful monitoring at all process stages?

"Refrigeration is a means to maintain freshness whilst not detrimentally affecting quality through excessive processing and therefore is one of the primary ways to extend shelf life whilst maintaining consumer acceptability," says Judith Evans, Chairman of the Institute of Refrigeration’s International Refrigeration Committee, which provides a central resource for people across the globe to improve the application of refrigeration.



“Refrigeration technologies are vital to enable the consumption of healthy and safe food, particularly in terms of nutritional, organoleptic and microbial quality. For chilled foods, quality and safety are reliant on the food being maintained at a sufficiently low temperature throughout its life to prevent growth of bacterial pathogens and to minimise growth of spoilage microbes. Chilling also has beneficial effects on quality, minimising moisture transport and maintaining flavour, colour and texture.”

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