Chillers, Beer storage with pyton holes,

low-temperature spread ito inhibit flower blossoming

We provide the ideal backup solution with our mobile fidge or freezer trailers.

You can find the right size fridge or freezer trailer from us.

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Onsite Refrigeration

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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

Farm Shop & Deli Solutions

If you’re the proud owner of a farm shop, you’ll understand the importance of storing and displaying your products correctly. Dairy products, cooked meats, smoked and cured fish, ready-to-eat foods, and raw ingredients – the types of food that are typically found at your local farm shop or deli – need to be kept at the right temperature at all times.


In the event of a cold room / freezer room breakdown, we provide a 24 hour emergency mobile chiller and freezer rental service. Our rental terms are designed to be easy and flexible.


Our refrigerated trailers are available for long term hire or for just a single day. You can spend time resolving your breakdown problem knowing that your refrigeration needs are covered for as long as they need to be. For a no obligation quotation, please call or email us today to speak to our team.

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