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We provide the ideal backup solution with our mobile fidge or freezer trailers.

You can find the right size fridge or freezer trailer from us.

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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

Cool Trailers at Cool Prices

Onsite Refrigeration has years of experience in assisting clients with the hire of our refrigerated trailers for festivals, parties and social events.


Our refrigerated trailers can be hired for both short and long term hire, depending on your specific needs and uses for the trailer. Whether you are holding a one-off small party event or need multiple refrigerated trailers to cater for a large amount of people, for example a music event or festival, you will be able to find the right size walk in fridge or freezer trailer from us.


We understand that your event being a success is the cornerstone of our relationship, and as such we work in a proactive manner by providing a hassle free set up and removal service for you.


Our refrigerated trailers comes racked out with removable shelving to allow maximum space to store your drinks or food. We will deliver to your venue, and position the trailer in the best place to help you and your staff.


Our experience of the catering industry will give you the confidence to relax in the knowledge that your refrigerated trailer will be delivered when and where you want it.

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Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world, and the third most popular drink overall after water and tea. Once the beer has been produced and ready for sale, it needs to be stored at the right temperature to achieve the perfect taste.


Our refrigerated keg trailer is the most flexible storage facility currently available on the market. Our keg trailer can be towed to any location and be sited on uneven ground thanks to the four telescopic jacks placed on with side of the trailer.

Cold storage solutions for Beer Brewers and Retailers

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