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low-temperature spread ito inhibit flower blossoming

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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

Keep you flowers fresh and at the optimal temperature during busy periods or during the summer heat!

When restaurants and markets preserve food and drink, they employ cool rooms and freezers or use sealed spaces that deliver carefully channelled quantities of refrigerated air.


The meat and vegetables cool, the drinks chill, and the resulting environment maintains an ever-fresh climate. Now we turn to other commodities, to blossoming flowers and freshly cut foliage, to biological matter that’s still growing.


Refrigerated temperature management in this environment is no less exacting than the methodology applied to food, except it’s the management of a plant’s life cycle that concerns us in this instance.


Did you know?


A low-temperature spread is required to inhibit flower blossoming. The climate should be slightly moist and cool. Maintained at around the 7°C mark, flower shock is avoided, freshness is assured, and that “blossom window” won’t take place until the arrangement is in the home, office, or wedding reception.

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