Chillers, Beer storage with pyton holes,

low-temperature spread ito inhibit flower blossoming

We provide the ideal backup solution with our mobile fidge or freezer trailers.

You can find the right size fridge or freezer trailer from us.

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Onsite Refrigeration

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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

Don't let your customers down, have a back up solution for a cold room breakdown.

Our refrigerated trailers are the perfect solution for your hotel’s emergency cold room storage needs. Unlike refrigerated containers which needs to be delivered by a large lorry with a slow delivery time and with possible access issues due to size, our refrigerated trailers can be with you in an instant and set up ready for you to transfer the saved stock.


our trailers are very manoeuvrable and can fit into any

car park space or be parked neatly beside a building

without creating any access issues unlike bulky

containers. Our refrigerated trailers will keep your food

fresh and your drinks icy cold and secured while you

continue operating the business.


Our 24-hour mobile Fridge and Freezer hire service

ensures that you will receive a professional hassle-free

service at an affordable price 365 days a year. All of

our refrigerated trailers are clean and sanitised after

each use to meet UK safety standards.


Our refrigerated trailers feature BLUETOOTH

temperature monitoring capability which is essential for

food safety policy and Hazard Analylsis Critical Control

Points (HACCP). With our refrigerated trailer, you don’t

have to manually check or record the temperatures

regularly any more. Simply use your smartphone or

tablet to view the recorded graphs and email them over

when you have finished (minimum requirement:

Android 4.4 or iOS 10).



The Onsite Refrigeration app provides graphical illustrations of the measurements as well as precise records of the temperature from inside the trailer.

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