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Controlling the temperature of foods to extend shelf life

Cooling and Freezing Needs for the Fishing Industry

Cooling systems designed for fishing require strict parameters that allow products to achieve the appropriate preservation conditions for sell-through.


In the fishing industry, the cooling cycle adequate

function is a key for the activity economic performance,

from the catch to the marketing.


In the fishing industries, due to the product

characteristics, its chemical constitution forces the

cooling processes that require a temperature decrease

as quick as possible.


When we speak of fresh food like meet and, in this case,

fish and seafood, we require a freezing process even

more specialized compared to food easier to preserve.


When fish or seafood are defrosted they lose a lot of

water, weight and freshness. For this, the quick-freezing

process allows water crystals - that do not alter the product texture and quality - to be formed.


Thanks to the quick-freezing capability of our freezer trailers, the product freshness is preserved and maintained in optimum

conditions for its marketing. Our freezer trailers can provide a stable freezing temperature of - 20'c inside a 10 Cubic Metre trailer.


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